How it works

My profile

Customize your Blabloo with your photo and a background pic. Describe yourself. Pick the things you like the most and inform the other Blablooers of the best time for you to have video calls. Have in mind that profiles with pictures and relevant info are more visited by other Blablooers!

My friends

Don’t be shy and add foreign friends. Search them by country, age and gender (“Add a friend” button on the left) or even by name.

My video calls to practise languages

You are all here to meet foreign friends and practise languages with them thru video calls. And Blabloo makes it easy for you. Here is how.

The concept

All your video calls are 10 minutes long and remember that for the moment you must be on a computer to make calls (not on a smartphone or tablet although that will be available very soon). You can either speak with a native or with a non native to practise a language. This means you have two types of conversations in Blabloo:

Conversations with Blablooers native or fluent in the language you want to practise: first speak 5min in your language and then switch and speak 5min in the other Blablooer’s language (e.g. 5min in French and 5min in English between an English Blablooer and a French one). You help the other and the other helps you!
Conversations with foreign Blablooers practising the same language than you: speak the full 10min in the language practised by both of you (e.g. 10min in French for an English Blablooer and a Spanish one).


Status_online If your friend’s cam is green, you can call right now!

Status_busy If it’s red or grey, no… in this case, program a call using the agenda (see below). This is often the best way to make sure both of you are connected at the same time.

Conversation generator

You’ve seen a video in the library you’d like to talk about with a foreign friend? Or you need some help to start a conversation with a Blablooer? No problem, go to the videos library (see details below) and

  1. Choose the video you’d like to talk about
  2. Answer the 3 questions related to the video
  3. Send a call request to a friend from there (button below the video)

Your friend will receive your call request with a link to watch the video and answer the same questions before the call. Then you can start your call together talking about the video and asking the other Blablooer what he/she has answered to the questions (don’t forget to register the answers in the sidebar during the call so your teacher will see that you have a good understanding rate in the reports). And that’s it!

You want to speak about a video which is not in the library? Send us the YouTube link to and we will include it in the library.

My agenda

Your calls requests sent or received will appear in your agenda. So you can keep track of them. It allows you to schedule a call with your friends for a specific date and time. Create a call request by simply clicking on “New Event” at the top right. Your friend will receive an email notification of your invitation and as soon as he accepts or refuses you will be informed by email too and your agenda will be updated.

My messages

You can send messages to your friends and they will appear as a conversation in their Blabloo. So you can also practise your written skills with your foreign friends and use the messages to decide the best time for your next call before sending a call request.

My videos library

We select for you videos from YouTube of interesting stuff in the language you practise. The videos are about music, sports, fashion, movies, news, people, etc and you can browse them by language or category.

My notifications

You will receive notifications by email when:

  • - You have a new friend or a new video call request
  • - Your friend or your video call request has been accepted / refused
  • - You have a new message (only when for the first message of the same conversation so we don’t overload your mailbox)
  • - You have a missed call (someone tried to call you but you did not answer)

My target

Your teacher can set up a weekly target for you. It’s the number of calls per week he/she wants you to have with foreigners to practise languages. You will see your target completion % below your profile photo so you know where you stand at every moment.

My reports

Your teacher will have access to your activity reports. What will he/she see? Your teacher will see the % of target achieved, the number of calls done, the minutes talked, the correct answers % for the calls with YouTube videos. Your teacher will NOT have access to any of your video calls and their content will remain strictly personal, so no worries.

If you have any doubt or you need some help on specific subjects not covered here, please send us an email to