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How cookies work?

Technologies like cookies and local storage allow websites and application to store information on your browser or device and read it back later. These technologies are used in most of the websites and help to have a better user experience. You can disable cookies in your browser configuration but your user experience may be affected and some parts of the website may not work properly. If you use a shared PC or device, we recommend you to eliminate your information about cookies, browsing history and cache.

Use of and third parties cookies

This website use plug-ins and third parties cookies. By agreeing on cookies’ use you explicitly agree on the cookies’ policy and privacy policy of the third party. Some of the cookies used in this website are the following:

  • Localization: it helps Blabloo provide a localized experience.
  • Site features and Services: it helps Blabloo provide functionality that helps us deliver products and services.
  • Analytics: it helps Blabloo receive information from Google Analytics about the statistics of the website (number of visits, page views,…).
  • Third parties advertisements: the website uses Google Ads cookies in order to show users ads depending on previous visits to the website.